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Villa in Tuscany
Villa in Tuscany
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Discover Tuscany in your own way, at your own pace. Explore off the beaten path. Learn something new. Make the most of your vacation time.
Macana Golf&Leisure can provide tailor made luxury holidays for any holiday you desire, so don't be afraid to let your aspirations run wild!
We design authentic Tuscanian experiences weaving together a rich sampling of the local culture: unique lodging and restaurants, history and architecture, artisans and musicians, wines and cuisine, outdoors sports and unparalleled scenic beauty.
We help you cut through the overload of information available in guide books and on the Internet, replacing guesswork with wise suggestions based on local experience and knowledge--avoiding the disappointments and frustrations that can arise when you travel to an unfamiliar place. 


We can take the work out of planning an exceptional visit, offering you the opportunity to have some fun, learn something new, spend some time just relaxing--and maybe share a memorable experience or two!
Whether you are travelling alone, with a friend or a group of friends, or you're planning a wedding, honeymoon, or family reunion, we'll develop a unique combination of activities for you based on your own personal needs, interests and preferences. We can guarantee that no two vacation plans will ever be the same!

Our unique concierge service are the icing on the cake. Ask us to book your tickets to the theatre, organise private guided excursions, pre-book spa-treatments or golf tee-off times, arrange restaurant reservations or answer general holiday dilemmas such as dress codes, etiquette or tipping. Professional, personal service is absolutely key to the success of our relationship with you and when you use Macana Golf&Leisure you will have a personal contact to look after everything from your initial enquiry to any after-care query or administration request.
Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking and dreaming of Tuscany...
Enjoy a Opera Concert by a lake or amidst a historic garden; take a scenic hot balloon ride; celebrate a birthday among the vineyards or olive groves; go golfing on the more charming course you have ever seen; sip one of the best red wines of the world while sitting on a very peaceful country villa; learn how to cook the more exquisite Italian dishes; join a grape or olive harvest; bath of the clear and warm waters of the Mediterranean; pamper yourself in the natural SPA waters; visit some of the most fascinating places of the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun"; visit the most secrets art jewels such as Fattoria di Celle and its site-specific art collection or the ancient waterways underneath the city of Siena and Pistoia telling a story 2000 years old; have your anniversary celebration on a private swimming pool on the roofs of Florence overlooking the beauties of the city; have your wedding or your renewal amidst a field of sunflowers and poppies or in a ancient country villa; pursue your passion: golf, scuba diving, painting, gardening, cooking, bird-watching, hiking, biking...

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