Meet our Team

Meet our Team - Donatella

Donatella Moica - Co-owner and Founder 

I was born in Sardinia and started to work in the tourism industry 20 years ago. My working career has taken me on several paths from hotels, cruise management and sales. I have traveled widely. I lived in Italy, Australia, in Maldives and than I found my "place called home" in Tuscany. I have written several books and articles for travel and diving magazines.

I believe that travel is an amazing adventure that enlightens our thinking and broadens our horizons. I love nature and my favourite sports are scuba diving and golf. I enjoy so much gardening, listening to music, cooking Italian food and drinking great wines. I speak Italian, English and French.

In Macana I'm in charge of marketing, communications and, especially, creating the product. You will meet me in the many events our company is involved in and do not hesitate to contact me to help creating your dream holiday in Italy! 

Meet our Team - Stefano

Stefano Freschi - Co-owner and founder

Born in Pistoia (Tuscany). My great passion since I was 14 y.o. has been scuba diving. I became instructor very young and started working in diving tourism industry. Very soon I create my own company providing high end travel experiences for the discerning traveller. In my working career of over 23 years in the tourism field I have travelled a lot for business and for holiday following my passion: sports outdoor (diving, golf, skiing, biking, trekking). I speak Italian and English.

Macana is a family run company with different sections and different brands, I take care, mainly of the outbound section which offers luxury travel and cruises in Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.


Meet our Team - Matia

Matia Giuntini - Operations

I'm a foodie, an art lover, a traveller in love with her country. So what better job then this one?

I spend my free time travelling around visiting new places and tasting new flavours: I love good wine, good food and cooking for my friends. I love the noise of the big cities and the quiet of my home surrounded by olive groves. I love taking the metro, watching the skyscrapers and helping my grandpa with the grape harvest. I'm into contemporary and modern art but I consider the "old" Uffizi Museum my heaven. If someone were to ask me what I do for a living? I would definitely answer him "I share with people my passions" 
I speak Italian, English and French.
Meet our Team - Elena

Elena Luraghi - Operations

Born in Milan but living in the lovely Tuscany, I began travelling and living alone when I was at university: I spent several months in Leipzig (Germany) studying languages and I realized that being in touch with different cultures was my "destiny". After the degree in Milan, I left to funny Ibiza and stayed there about 7 months; from there I moved to Sharm el Sheikh, where I spent almost one year working like Guest Relation for a couple of Hotels. Tourism has become my new "job" and I accepted to move to Cairo, where I was in charge of developing Golf and Dive Packages in Egypt for a local Tour Operator. Back to Italy, I began my adventure with Macana Family in 2006 and since then I discovered new interesting and wonderful worlds...and I know that even more will come !!

I speak Italian, English, Spanish and German

Meet our Team - Luisa

Luisa Mannelli - Operations

I'm Luisa and I' ve been working in tourism for 5 years.

I cut my teeth working as Tour Leader around the world and I've been very lucky because I could travel a lot, like in Egypt, Greece, Mexico or Tanzania, learning new and strange traditions and different ways of life.

Then I came back to Italy and I started to work in the "back stage" of tourism. I like so much making client's dreams come true! Beacuse Travel is the most amazing thing...even just with the mind!

I speak Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Meet our Team - Lucilla

Lucilla Meli - Administration and Accounting

I was born in Pistoia and I live in a small charming country town above the hills. When it comes to numbers you will have to deal with me. I'm in charge of administration and accounting at Macana. I start to work here in 2005, after 7 years in another tour operator. I enjoy very much being part of Macana family, we work hard, but is also so much fun and laughs with my collegues and bosses.

I speak Italian and English

Stefano - cooking with Veronica Mengod
Stefano - Outdoor dining with friends/clients under the Tuscan Sun (Cortona)
Donatella - with friends/clients Dave and Jane Finn in Greve in Chianti
Donatella - Playing golf
Matia Luisa Elena lucilla - snow day in Tuscany (it does snow sometimes!)
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